Netflix Recommendation: The Umbrella Academy

I binged this so hard omg. I love superhero movies and shows but lately I haven’t been feeling the shows that have been coming out. Then all of a sudden I saw people mentioning and cosplaying this show on TikTok and it looked kinda dark so I was instantly interested.

Based on a comic book that was created by that dude from My Chemical Romance Gerard Way (which i thought was surprising and interesting) this is a show about a The whole Umbrella Academy Posterdysfunctional family of super powered adults that come back together for the first time in over 10 or 12 years to mourn the death of their abusive and wildly eccentric billionaire adoptive father.  They then find themselves trying to get over their childish feuds with each other to try and stop the end of the world.

The show as I found out does not follow the comic book closely, which is good for those of us who don’t want spoilers and terrible for those who do. The Umbrella Academy 1: Apocalypse Suite by Gerard Way & Gabriel Ba - Pretty much along the lines of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen - "Despite this cartoonish feel, Ba’s illustration reflects the story’s depth with an undercurrent of menace. You can tell from the faces, clothes and expressions that these guys aren’t your everyday heroes. It’s a potent cocktail of styles that brings Way’s characters and situations to life."

This show at certain points was confusing as hell and kind of all over the place but I liked how it wasn’t too easy to predict. Its dark and realistic not really a show where all the good guys come out on top and the end. It kind of gives off a Batman-esque feel.



You should totally watch this show if that’s what you’re into.